Plastics Waste Collection

Recycling of plastic is very important. If it is not recycled methodically and appropriately, it gets mixed with other chemicals or materials and gets more difficult to recycle and becomes a major source of pollution.

Why we should Recycle Plastic Waste?

Plastic is not biodegradable, so it builds up in the environment over time. When it decomposes in a landfill, it releases toxins and creates leachate that pollutes the land, ground, and water.

Plastic pollution can have devastating effect, like it chokes marine wildlife, damages soil, and poisons groundwater. It can also alter habitats and natural processes, reducing ecosystems' ability to adapt to climate change.

Plastic bags can break down into tiny toxic particles that contaminate the soil and waterways. These particles can enter the food chain when animals accidentally ingest them. Recent research has revealed that microplastic are found in Humans as well.

Burning plastic and other types of dry waste releases dangerous substances such as heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, and other toxic chemicals into the air and persist in ash waste residues. These chemicals have been linked to several illnesses with Humans.

How We Collect Plastic Waste?

At Eco-Vision, works with the mission to make your city free of Plastic waste and preserve the environment. It has established diverse systems and processes to collect plastics waste from different sources, be it Residence, Schools, Commercial Establishments, Industry or Waste Transfer Station. Eco-vision understand requirement ad dynamic of plastic generation from each individual sources and accordingly deployed its system and infrastructure to have effective and timely collection of Plastic Wastes. Often plastic waste is mixed with other dry wastes like cardboard box, metal, paper etc., Eco-Vision constantly handles such challenges by various methods like increasing awareness among the waste generators such as residences to segregate the plastics waste at source, so that they do not get mixed up with other waste going to landfills, deploying innovative waste segregation methods to separate bulk dry waste and undertaking persistent IEC activities (Information, Education and Communication) in the society to increase awareness.

Making use of latest Information Technology, Ecovision allows users to effortlessly generate waste collection requests directly through a simple phone call OR by registration to mobile application through smartphones. Dedicated and trained staff of Ecovision immediately contacts the requester   and facilitate  hassle-free collection of the Plastic  Waste from the location.

Ecovision’s mobile application aims to  make each establishment aware about the trend of the type of dry waste including plastic waste  which is generated and  given away. It creates and maintain historic data for each user of the Application. Ecovision firmly believes that such transparency is absolute necessity with all its associates,  With such transparent practices, Eco-Vision stands out from other in the waste collection eco system.

What sets us apart is that users are compensated based on the actual weight of the waste they contribute, particularly separated Plastic Waste,  making it a transparent and rewarding experience for the user of the Appliction.

Residential Complexes

Eco-Vision can be contacted for collecting your bulk plastic waste through a simple phone call OR by registering yourself on mobile application. Team Ecovision shall establish a sustainable collection system at per-defined schedule from your residence and not only collect the dry waste just for one time.

Commercial Establishments

Eco-Vision can be contacted for collecting your bulk plastic waste through a simple phone call OR by registering yourself on mobile application.  Eco-vision shall approach you with contract and schedule the pickup on regular basis from your door step. Ecp-vision also offers a long term contract to pick up plastics waste from commercial establishments.


At times for industry, disposal of dry waste is a hassle and challenge.. Eco-Vision understands this well and hence it does provide you not only the service to pickup your dry waste but also offers you the strategy to discharge your EPR liability. Our approach to Industrial waste collection is a Win-Win approach!

Citizen Centric Events

Eco-Vision is committed to keep the city clean and litter free and always ready to support you for pickup of dry waste generated at your end, may it be festivals like Navratri or Ganesh Visarjan or events like Marathon or beach cleaning or other such events which involve participation of citizens in large number. Please Call Eco-Vvision in advance before such events and set your mind free for the dry waste pickup related worries! Eco-vision will do the rest.

ULB / Villages / Sea shore

Eco-Vision has expertise to implement and manage large scale dry waste collection arrangements by tying up with Urban Local Bodies(ULBs). Eco-Vision has expanded its network in various village clusters as well and supporting Gram panchayats to fulfill their dry waste management needs.
Under (Public Private Partnership)PPP model with various ULBs , Eco-Vision has established the large scale plastic waste collection networks by establishing zone wise collection centers.

Treat for the Young chaps

Eco-vision conducts Plastic pollution related awareness sessions in schools and sensitize young students about perils of Plastic waste generation and concept of 3 R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) . Eco-Vision also arranges various competitions at school level and collects plastics brought by children as part of the competition. Educational institutes can contact Eco-Vision for arranging such programs.

Glimpses: Transportation of Plastic Waste


Plastic waste is collected from various establishments and  transported to the Eco-Vision’s plant site through designated vehicles. Waste collected at various zonal collection centres  is also transported to Eco-Vision’s plant during light traffic hours.



Glimpses: Plastic Waste Collection for Surat city


Entire Surat city is divided into nine zones by Surat Municipal Corporation, whereby authorised collection centers are identified for the collection of plastic wastes. Rag pickers are invited to such collection centres for segregation of different type of waste. Thus, employment is created for the bottom layer of pyramid in society. Plastic waste collected by each center is transported to Ecovision’s plant for further finer segregation and conversion to recycled products.

Schedule Pickup

We are excited to introduce our Online Appointment System, which allows you to choose the day your trash will be collected. The pickup window is no longer 1-8 days after scheduling. Simply choose your date, schedule your appointment, and place your schedule request, and we will take care of the rest.

Request For Plastic Waste Pickup

We are passionate about building a sustainable plastic waste management value chain to benefit people, businesses and the environment.