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We provide end-to-end solutions for Plastic Waste Management starting from collection of waste plastic to segregation and recycling.

We generate Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in compliance with PWM rules  and  offer the same to Producers, Importers and Brand Owners.

Conserve Environment

We contribute in conservation of environment

Better Place to live

We assist in making cities cleaner and greener

Eco-Friendly Solution

Reliable, Affordable, Sustainable and one stop solutions


Eco-Vision Environmental Resources LLP was started by a passionate team of technocrats who are domain experts in the field of environmental conservation, sustainability and pollution control. It is a part of an enterprise, which is one of the industry leaders in providing comprehensive solutions and services related to Environment conservation.

Plastic waste being one of the critical elements which contributes for environment deterioration, Plastic Waste Management venture was a natural selection for Eco-Vision in pursuit of its mission for Environment Conservation Services. Circular Economy is the most promising solution in Plastic Waste Management, and Eco-Vision has committed itself to transform linear economy to the circular economy and accordingly, Eco-Vision has organised all its activities and employed resources. The goal of Eco-Vision in facilitating the circular economy is to increase the life cycle of plastic waste and to facilitate their reuse by treating them at reasonable cost. Ecovision, contributes for the circular economy in true spirit by collecting plastic waste, transporting, segregating, recycling  using best technology and release recycled plastics for further use. The concept of  3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is practiced at its best at Eco-Vision.


  • Approximately 26,000 MT of plastic waste is generated in India every day and not even half of it gets recycled thus escaping into the environment!
  • Plastic waste accounts for 8% of the total solid waste generated in India annually
  • As per reports, the production of plastic in India increased from 1600 million MT approx. in 2014-2015 to 1900 metric tonnes in 2022-2023
  • Around 73% of beach litter is Plastic and is increasing day-by-day
  • From a comb to a milk packet, straw to peanut package, toy to tray where ever we look around, nearly 90% of things surrounding us is made of either completely or partially with plastic

What we Do!

At Eco-vision we follow business Ethics and Values toward sustainable environmental solutions.

It reflects in the way we conduct our business every day.

Schedule Pickup

We are excited to introduce our Online Appointment System, which allows you to choose the day your trash will be collected. The pickup window is no longer 1-8 days after scheduling. Simply choose your date, schedule your appointment, and place your schedule request, and we will take care of the rest.

Request For Plastic Waste Pickup

We are passionate about building a sustainable plastic waste management value chain to benefit people, businesses and the environment.


We are passionate about building a sustainable plastic waste management value chain to benefit people, businesses and the environment.


Forming stronger relationships with our partners on the ground is integral to our work ethos. Our waste collector Partners , aggregators and bulk generators receive fair value for their activities. Our impact begins at the start of the value chain!


Our products and Services serve businesses across a plethora of quality-sensitive applications. We help our customers make their supply chains sustainable and fulfil their environmental obligations. We always aim to expand our reach and the scale of our impact.


We address and contribute in global waste management problem by preventing waste streams, from going to landfills and water bodies. Instead, we handle them in environment friendly manner by creating a variety of sustainable recycled materials from such waste.

Our Clients