EPR Service

What is EPR

EPR – The  Extended Producers’ Responsibility, as per the Plastic Waste Management Rules of India (PWM Rules) ,  is a regulatory requirement for brand owners, importers, producers, or manufacturers  to discharge their responsibilities of  the treatment and disposal of plastic used in their products and thrown in the eco system   post-their consumption.

As part of PWM rules requirement, All Bulk Producers, Importers  and packaging Brand Owners(PIBO) must meet their market target by channeling the plastic (recyclable or non-recyclable multilayer plastic (MLP)) and be responsible for recycling it, which means that all the generated Plastic waste must be  recycled in a way  that display or cause  no harm to the environment.

They are required to maintain a proper EPR Action plan to collect back the plastic waste generated attributed  to their products.


EPR Services

The main reason for   the  existence of Eco-Vision is to develop an effective and efficient system that takes care of the  plastic waste collection, segregation, and transportation of such waste  to the waste disposal facility which is approved by the SPCB (State Pollution Control Board) and CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) as a PRO (Public Relations Officer)  Agency and undertake  recycling  of plastic waste or to ensure that any such disposal of plastic waste does not harm environment.

Eco-Vision, by virtue of its activities of collection and recycling of Plastic waste generate EPR credits in large quantity in compliance with the PWM Rules. . Ecovision also has expertise in providing EPR related services to PIBO to meet their EPR obligations under PWM rules by closely working with them. Eco-Vision provides following services in domain of EPR Management.

Consultancy under PWM Rules

- EPR Registration with CPCB under PWM Rules as PIBO.
- Designing an Action Plan after understanding the product and volume
- Preparation of Compliance Report
- Submission of Annual Return
- Providing certificate towards Circular Economy & Zero Plastic waste to Landfill
- conducting IEC (Information Education Communication) Activities & Awareness Drives
- Periodical regulatory compliance for  EPR


For any Assistance  towards EPR Management, You may please fill below form and submit  and Eco-Vision EPR Team  shall be at your service in no time.


Ecovision has team of young change-makers trained and dedicated to the cause of informing, educating, and communicating with citizens about Good Waste Management practices.

Good Waste Management practices  mainly include  waste segregation at source, , proper sanitation and hygiene, maintaining public health and assisting municipal bodies in creating  awareness about vector disease

Eco-Vsion partners with the ULBs for IEC activities during various public events such as:

  • Annual day functions at schools, colleges, etc.
  • Festival Gatherings
  • Public Events like Marathon, Music & Cultural Events, Garba Nights, etc.
  • Sporting Events
  • Exhibitions and Equipment Displays
  • Performing   Street plays
  • Sanitation Awareness Rally by Citizens and School Children