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We, Eco – vision Environmental Resources LLP, is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of Envision group of companies for the plastic waste collection, segregation, treatment and disposal of Surat city under the guidance of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC). This SPV is formed from Envision Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to exclusively cater the needs of Common Plastic Waste Management Facility.

It is a common practice that all plastic waste are disposed or dumped to municipal solid waste disposal site. First time in India, one and only, Surat Municipal Corporation has initiated in establishing a common plastic waste management facility as per Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011. A Built Own and Operate (BOO) contract was awarded to Eco – vision Environmental Resources LLP a member of Envision group of companies, to set up a common plastic waste management centre of 100 TPD on public private partnership basis.

Eco – vision is a company with a focus on finding solutions for issues caused by waste plastics for that we have a proven technology which will deliver economic and environmental benefits through converting a wide range of waste plastics into pyrolysis oil, granules and fine shredded chips without harming the environment. Our process is an initiative to “waste to energy” concept. It is not practical to eliminate the use of plastic in this growing world which may lead to plastic waste issues and pollute the environment but it is practical to treat and reuse plastic waste without polluting environment which Eco – vision is doing by using advanced technology. With our revolutionary technology, we pioneered a process that has the ability to change the way India handles waste plastic and plastic recycling.

We are committed to building a company dedicated to a greener, cleaner future and waste plastic free for the planet.

Our Vision

To provide scientific solution for plastic waste management and related environmental concerns leading to sustainable green environment.

Our Mission

To Participate and contribute in maintaining Greener Environment by focusing on creating circular economy for plastic by involving all the stake holders right from the people at the bottom of the Pyramid, technology partners, Government and quasi-Government agencies and public at large. Ecovision shall ensure quality, timely and affordable deliverances through continuous upgradation of technology and good practices, thereby enhancing the value of all its stakeholders

What we Do?

Eco-vision is actively engaged Plastic Waste Management as per the provision of Plastic Waste Management (PWM) Rules, contributing in creating Circular Economy for post used Plastic. 

Commonly, plastic waste is dumped to municipal landfill sites. For the first time in India, in year 2015, Eco-Vision entered Public Private Partnership (PPP) with Surat Municipal Corporation for the management of  the post consumed plastic waste starting from plastic waste collection, segregation, treatment and production of recycled input materials for various industrial usage.

After successful implementation of the PPP project at Surat, Gujarat, Eco-Vision entered such more partnerships with other cities of India like Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Gandhinagar.

Ecovision’s Plastic waste management focus revolves around;

  • Employing solutions with help of appropriate technologies for treating different type of plastic waste
  • Delivering economic and environmental benefits through converting wide range of plastic waste either into granules, chips, flakes, pyrolysis oil without harming environment
  • Adopting concept of 3 R, engage on sustainable basis with like waste pickers, who are the bottom of pyramid (BOP) of the plastic waste eco system, aggregators, Urban Local Bodies (ULB), residence complexes, industries and various commercial establishments in supply chain, looping them in to common vision of a circular plastic economy.
  • Helping brand owners, producers and  importers to discharge their Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR) obligations under the Plastic Waste Management Rules, by handholding through the various steps of the compliances like registration, assessment, advising on methods and  strategy for compliance etc.

Our ULB Partners

Management & Team

Partner & Promoter

Nihar Doctor

Nihar Doctor with brilliant academic career possesses Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering and Masters in Structural and Environmental Engineering. Nihar is active relentlessly in area of Environment conservation & Pollution Control since year 1992 through his flagship company Envision Enviro Technologies -  “Nihar Doctor Enterprise”. Over a span of more than 30 years, He has mastered the technology for designing facilities and treating various types of pollutants which covers waste water, dry and wet waste, biomedical waste and in particular plastic waste. He possesses expertise in conducting Environment Impact assessments, Environment audits and due diligence. With extra ordinary expertise in domain of Pollution control, Nihar has been invited to be part of several forums working in gamut of Environment Pollution control at state as well national level. Nihar has been eminent speaker in several national and international conferences and has published papers on various topics of Environment Pollution monitoring and treatment.

Partner & Promoter

Nimisha Doctor

Nimisha Doctor is science graduate in Microbiology and Diploma in medical laboratory technology. Her domain expertise is in area of Bio Medical Waste & Plastic Waste Management. She has been working in the domain of Pollution control since more than 20 years.

Setting up & running of Plastic recycling units efficiently, continuous sourcing of better technologies for waste recycling, Collaborating, and supporting various clients like hospitals and other waste generators, Project Management and administration of various departments is her domain expertise.

Partner & Promoter

Umesh Naik

Apart from a Civil Engineer from SVNIT, Surat, Mr. Umesh Naik is a passionate industrialist having expertise & experience towards varied projects starting from infrastructure development such as warehousing zones, multi storied buildings to the field of information technology projects – of laying down more than 2000 Km fiber optics cables. He is expert as well  keen  in understanding requirements of customers of different fields of his projects and designing the tailor-made deliverables which satisfies the large pool of customers. He was professionally attached to Govt of Gujarat for GSWAN project to connect more than 13,000 villages under wireless network program.

He is continuous learner of continuously evolving Environmental Regulation and   Plastic Waste Management Rules of India in particular, and accordingly guides industries towards fulfilling their Extended Producers Responsibilities (EPR).

Partner & Promoter

Kedar Jagirdar

Kedar Jagirdar is a graduate in Civil Engineering from SVNIT, Surat and Specializes in the field of Designing infrastructure projects, Construction, and land development. He is also associated in development of large-scale textile parks.

He is deeply involved in identification of various sources generating plastic waste and designing and implementing efficient systems and process for the collection and transportation of such post consumed plastics to recycling facility. With changing scenarios of consumers patterns towards plastic waste generation, he is constantly focused towards providing ease and transparency to waste generators, right from residences, commercial establishment, Industry to ULBs by introducing appropriate technology facilitating efficient and transparent collection of waste from each source.

Team at Ecovision

We do our bit to Restore The Balance With Nature

Each member at Ecovision is sensitive about the impact of Plastic waste pollution on Environment, and they work relentlessly for preventing plastic waste  going to landfills.

Passionate teams  at Ecovision participate in Plastic Waste Management –  starting from creating awareness about plastic waste pollution among the mass, conducting workshops for students – making them aware about the concept of 3R, involving and on boarding  the waste pickers and channelizing  aggregators as part of the supply chain operations, guiding the segregators on various types of plastic segregation and recycling the segregated plastic waste  at various recycling plants to produce recycled plastics of different types which almost mimics the virgin plastics in its quality.  

IEC activities

We do our bit to Restore The Balance With Nature

Frequently, IEC (Information Education Communication) activities are conducted at various forums like residential colonies, industries, educational institutes, festival or celebratory gatherings with innovative, creative yet very easy to understand messages and communication as how to control plastic littering and proper management of Plastic waste,

Team at Ecovision is trained and well oriented for ensuring that Plastics waste is collected in time as scheduled in accordance with the arrangement with the clients.

People who make Ecovision


We do our bit to Restore The Balance With Nature

Swachh Survekshan, conducted by MoHUA since year 2016, is the world's largest urban sanitation and cleanliness survey. It has been instrumental in fostering a spirit of healthy competition among towns and cities to improve their service delivery to citizens and towards creating cleaner cities.

Ecovision is partnering with various Urban Local Bodies in  collection, treatment and recycling of plastic waste and contribute immensely to the successful Swachh Survekshan.